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To send us your family photos and or copies of documents that are of historical importance please send them by email as attachments at the following address:

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We would like to hear from you especially if you are a relative! Please fill in the form below with all your details. All fields marked * are required! A password for the Family Vault is reserved for those who can prove they are relatives. Thank you. THIS FORM HAD TO BE SUSPENDED SINCE OCTOBER 2022 DUE TO ROBOT SPAMMERS. PLEASE USE EMAIL ALTERNATIVE SHOWN ON WEBSITE.


Information published on is done so in good faith believing that it is acceptable to family members and friends. If there is any discomfort about any statement made, please contact us and we will expunge any such offending words. GriquatownAndersons prefers to remain free to include data of public record such as birth, death, marriage and divorce but for living people this data, and indeed most information, is password protected in the Family Vault.